Temple of Play is a site-specific commission by artist Angelo Plessas for the Frieze Projects 2013 Family Space curated by Nicola Lees. The Temple of Play is a creative playground that provides activities for young people as well as adults and will be accessible for the duration of the fair. It's a multimedia playground – part art installation, part education space, part performance area, part meditation zone – that offers all visitors, particularly children, the chance to experience art in a relaxed, informal environment. The multimedia installation is intended to be fully interactive, enabling visitors to create their own aesthetic environments via different activities physical and/or online.
The Temple of Play is comprised by three main stations the Emoticon Theatre , the Podcast Relaxation both will offer creative workshops by child specialists and last the Individual Relaxation Pods where participants will enter for self relaxation and meditation isolated temporarily from the outside world. (click on the menu items above)